Apphic LimitedBrandFace – Monetized Social Network

BrandFace – Monetized Social Network

BrandFace, Para kazandıran Sosyal Ağ projesinin Websitesi, IOS ve Android Mobil Uygulamaları, Altyapı ve planlama çalışmalarını Apphic Limited olarak gerçekleştirdik. 10.000 İndirilme barajını aşan uygulamalar, 29 Saniye video çeken ve en çok beğendirtip izlettiren yarışmacılara her hafta para ödülü dağıtmakta.

“BrandFace, is a new generation money-making video-sharing platform focused on creativity. The platform enables you to share your experiences relating to your life, surroundings and the brands you use in a creative way so you can quickly raise money. How to make a difference with 29 seconds maximum videos? Download the app now to find out!

You do not need to be a popular person neither a phenomenon. Moreover, you do not need to be fully equipped as well. In order to reach them all, BrandFace will let you to show your creativity and to make yourself money.

Important things to-do;

*Set up your BrandFace Profile
*Watch the videos – get to know your rivals
*Shoot your creative video or upload directly
*Tag your videos to enhance your audience
*If you make it to the stage, share with your friends – gather the likes

Or just watch the videos and continue to enjoy…”