Apphic LimitedÇanakkale Wars – Industrial Game Consoles

Çanakkale Wars – Industrial Game Consoles

Industrial Game Consoles and Integrated Software projects that we developed for young and adult visitors who are interested in Çanakkale Epic and want to be in this epic by having a different experience in Fair and Promotion organizations participated by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

You manage one of the Top Positions in Çanakkale in one of the two different Console types we produce. By turning the valves on the console with your teammate (for two people), you direct the barrel of your Top Position on the Screen and prevent it by sinking Enemy Battleships trying to cross the Dardanelles.

In our other Console type, you manage the Nusrat Mine Ship with the helm on the console. You should place mines in Çanakkale waters without getting caught by enemy battleships patrolling at midnight using ship functions such as Gas, Brake, and Mine Release.

It has enabled thousands of visitors to have a good time in dozens of fairs and organizations in our two types of consoles.