Apphic LimitedEvent Management System (EMS)

Event Management System (EMS)

The Event Management System (IMS) is an end-to-end integrated ERP platform that enables effective management of large-scale organization, olympic and fair processes, departments and units.

It has a structure that can expand or contract according to the needs of the organization with dozens of different modules. In the process, you can manage all your departments through the system, follow the interview processes of the volunteers, organize the SMS and Email coordination between the departments they are assigned, accredit all your employees or visitors to participate in the organization, print an accreditation card, track fixtures, transportation coordination follow-up, VIP management, accommodation needs and You can perform dozens of different processes and processes such as the management of reservations.

100% domestic software Event Management System, Turkey by signing a policy on both EYOF 2017 Erzurum as well as in the Winter Olympics, the largest organization that has organized in the history of Turkey Deaflympics was used by 2017 Samsun 800 People Operations Coordinator at Olympic.

During these Organizations

More than 70,000 Accreditation Cards have been printed,
Approximately 10,000 Volunteers and Employees have been managed,
180,000 SMS and Email coordination was provided,
More than 65,000 Photographs and Media Files Archived,
1,243,000 transactions were performed and Logged,
Thanks to the APIs it has provided abroad, it has served more than 11,454,000 information to facial recognition systems in 32 different facilities.
Our local Event Management System (IMS), which has signed an Accreditation Record in the history of ICSD, was praised by the then Minister of Youth and Sports, Akif Çağatay Kılıç, in Social Media and Visual Press, by ensuring that over 7,000 Accreditation Cards were produced and archived efficiently. In addition, the use of domestic software has enabled our local resources to remain within the country’s economy.

Modules Included in the Event Management System:

Volunteer Management System
Fixture Tracking System
Transportation Coordination Module
Accommodation and Reservation System
Calendar Management
Vehicle Accreditation System
VIP Management
Accreditation System
Digital Signage (Central Content Management)
Athlete, Athlete, Participant Management System
Ceremony and Invitation Management System
GBT and Security Control Module
If you want to use the Event Management System in fairs and large organizations and competitions, you can contact us.