Apphic LimitedPrime Ministry YTB – New Generation Intranet System – 36 Modules and Integration

Prime Ministry YTB – New Generation Intranet System – 36 Modules and Integration

Our New Generation Intranet In-House Management and Project tracking system is a Web Platform project that consists of 36 different Modules and enables the Institutions to be managed in a hierarchical way within the 8-month self-sacrificing work.

In addition to Microsoft .NET MVC, the most important and usable part of the project developed with HTML5, Jquery and CSS3 is the multiple Integrations it provides!

Active Directory Login with Azure,
Mail and Task tracking with Exchange Integration,
Cloud Architecture Data Storage with Azure Blob Storage,
Introduction to LDAP Active Directory and Directory of Current Institutions,
PDKS Integration,
IKYS Integration,
EBYS Integrations
The system has many integrations such as 36 Different Modules (Daily Food Menu, Traffic Status, News, Exchange, Task Tracking, Permission Management, Guide, Book Bulletin, Announcements, Events, Institution Entrances, Card Balance Tracking, Statistics, To-Do The list offers fast and safe with the latest technologies used by an Institution in History Today, Fixture Tracking, Embezzlement Management, Vehicle Demands, etc.).

Our Intranet Portal System is currently being actively used by the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities. You can get information about the new uses of the Project and the new Institutions that will start to be used soon.