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Voter Mobile Application

SeçmenMobil is a Field Pulse Tracking application developed specifically for Mobile operating systems. In addition to offering task tracking, messaging, and file archiving features, from the Mayor, who is in the highest authority in the hierarchical order, to those who are actively working in the field;

It has the characteristics of keeping the pulse of the public, archiving the members’ requests for active duty, contact information up to date, conveying the requests and desires of the voters to the Mayor within the framework of the Social Message, assigning and making clear notifications in the groups.

SeçmenMobil, which is currently actively used by 1 Municipality, can be prepared for you. All your data is securely encrypted in the cloud system. You can follow Neighborhood, Street, Voters, and follow duty and notifications 24/7 from anywhere, anytime.

In addition, you can follow the location of the observers waiting at the chests. In this way, you can follow the observers standing at their places of duty right now.


Notifications (New Task Assignment, Announcement, etc.)
Survey Management (Survey Creation, Survey Data Collection, Reporting),
Complaint and Return Collection, Reporting
Social Texture with the President (Collecting Visiting Invitation to the President, Message to the President),
Voter and Member Management (Voter Pulse Keeping, Contact Information and Detail Collection),
Ballot Box Member Tracking (Members come to Ballot Box, did they vote or not? Send Alerts),
Mission Tracking List (Hierarchical Assignment, Mission Tracking, To-Do List),
Main Level
Women’s Arms,
Youth Arms