Apphic LimitedBereket Mobil IOS and Android Mobile Apps

Bereket Mobil IOS and Android Mobile Apps

As a result of long efforts, we are proud to present Bereket Mobile Application IOS and Android Mobile Applications.

From Analysis Processes, Design Processes, Vizyoneks Services to Restful under a single structure, to Responsive Native Mobile software processes, more than 14 analysts, software developers, designer friends are now in Mobile Markets.

Features and Some Functions of Applications:

We are happy to serve our valued customers and prospects with our Bereket Mobile application, which can serve in all branches.
Bereket Sigorta A.Ş. and Bereket Emeklilik ve Hayat A.Ş. Our mobile application developed for, stands out with its stylish design, simple and simple use, and informative features.
Thanks to its user-friendly and practical interface, you can manage all your Insurance, Private Pension and Life Insurance transactions quickly and easily via Bereket Mobile.

From the insurance area; You can reach all your policies, guarantees, payments and detailed information about the latest status of your policy, you can see which policy is active or passive. At the same time, you can download the policy or any addendum as a pdf file and share it by e-mail.
From My Damages area; You can report damage, follow up your current and closed damage file. Moreover, in case of missing documents in your damage file, you can easily transfer us by loading iban and missing documents from Bereket Mobile application.
From Retirement and Life; You can view the total of all your savings with one click, and you can quickly perform your transactions regarding your funds from our application.
By applying the Risk Return Profile Survey, you can determine the funds and change your fund distribution immediately from Bereket Mobile. You can also change your contribution / payment period for your BES plan immediately.

You can view your savings, policies, guarantees and details of your Private Pension (BES), Life Insurance and Personal Accident insurance. At the same time, you can download the policy or any addendum as a pdf file and share it by e-mail.
You can view the nearest contracted services and agencies on the map, get directions, e-mail and call with a single click if you wish.
From the notifications area; You can receive notifications about all your policies, campaigns and senses.
You can directly contact our customer service by making a phone call with one click via Bereket Mobile.
If you are not yet a customer of Bereket, you can determine and apply for the most suitable savings or insurance product without logging into the application.

Advantages of Bereket Mobile Application:
– Accident Detection Mobile Record Access
– Access to Health Mobile application
– Access to the private savings, total government contribution, progress payment and contract details for our Private Pension customers
– Private Pension Account transactions, view maturity details instantly, print receipts
– Possible Accumulation Analysis
– Private Pension Fund Comparisons, Listing Fund Returns
– Ability to view and update contact information from the Customer Profile page
– Ability to create complaints, requests and suggestions
– Our blog posts where you can be informed about current developments along with Insurance, Pension and Life products.